Thursday, May 5, 2011

Overcoming part 2 - Linked with Christ for victory!

"It is folly for any man to attempt to fight in his own strength. The world, the flesh, and the devil are too much for any man. But if we are linked to Christ by faith, and He has formed in us the hope of glory, then we shall get the victory over every enemy. It is believers who are the overcomers... through Him we shall be more than conquerors." ~ D.L. Moody
"Thanks be to God, which always causes us to triumph in Christ." 2 Corinthians 2:14

This morning, my youngest came up to me and asked me to read the storybook of Moses and the Israelites. I was pretty busy doing dishes and hadn't been able to get into my own quiet time yet... but he was so insistent about it, pulling my hands, I gave in. Elliot wanted to read nothing else. We sat on my bed as I read this story, like many times before.

Also like many times before, this simple children's book ministered and taught/reminded me today of powerful truths, just as much or more than my own child for whom it was written.

So in Scripture, Egypt represents the "old life," or "sin and slavery." As I read this particular story for my son, I was reminded of how many challenges, struggles, and hardships Moses had to endure with fortitude, patience and constant courage, like a soldier. Again and again he had to directly face Pharoah with God's command to "let My people go" from slavery. God told him to go on the offence, attack the enemy by being the mouthpiece of God to the enemy. And again and again, he seemingly faced "failure" or further hardships and had to deal with the doubting Israelites(even though the plagues were specifically for the enemy).

As I face daily life, I am faced with multiple "challenges" and "struggles" of sin in various degrees to which I am a "slave" to. The temptation is to downgrade and brush them off instead of calling them out for what they really are: sin! Last blog was about identifying the enemy. Well, I not only need to identify the enemy, but I am called to identify and call out the specific sin as well. "Take sin seriously."~ Jay Klop(my pastor) Just as Moses went on the offence, attacking Pharoah by calling out the sin of slavery in a consistent manner, so must I be, until victory is won. Eventually, it was God who did the freeing, showed His might, power and glory in it all. Imagine what would have happened if Moses just gave up and walked away!
The enemy would like nothing more than for you to walk away or hear you say,
"Nothing will ever change... it is always going to be like this. Pharoah(the enemy or my sin) is just too strong, or that's just the way I am."

May it never be!!!

The beautiful thing about Moses, was that God was continually with Him all the way... He was always there through every plague, through each challenge. Just so, because I am linked to Christ, He is with me!!!

Despite the consistent drippings of disrespect and discouragement coming directly from the people to which he was called to help save from slavery, Moses obeyed and continued to approach Pharoah until victory was won! The Israelite people reminded me so much of my flesh, easily prone to give up or give in.

May it never be!!!

Why should I take sin seriously? When I overcome temptation and sin, I become more prepared for the ministry God has for me.

We are linked to Christ for victory!

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