Sunday, November 8, 2009

Oooh! It's been a while.

So many things have happened in the past 4 months. School has started up again. I actually have a 2nd grader who does 15 min of homework in 3 hrs avg, a kindergartener who wants to be able to do everything his 2nd gr brother does, and a pre-schooler who grunts for everything. Love it, love it, love it! The boys are starting to mature and relate to eachother differently now... only brothers can relate in such a way. Life is never dull. In fact, it seems to be invigorated by their own personal challenges:

Jonathan and Mason are taking music lessons from Rob(my husband) once a week on Bethel College campus. Jonathan is learning the cello, while Mason is on the 1/8th size violin. Taking lessons on campus helps them pay attention a little more, although Rob would wonder as they have had the "I don't want to!" attitude multiple times. He somehow expects it, having gone through it(the musical discaplines) himself. He loves the boys through it, and has a way of winning them over to complete the lesson, or at least complete a lesson on a positive note. Something for which I have been praying to accomplish with lessons on homework and chores! God's grace is there and we're still a work in progress!

The boys have also been in YMCA swim lessons this fall. They just completed the first set of lessons, and I signed them up for a 2nd before the holidays hit and Upwards basketball starts. They are improving beautifully in the pool. Their fears and timidations have quickly turned to pride... sometimes a bit too much... nearing arrogance. Not just w/swimming either. The other day one said, "I don't need to take lessons anymore, because I already KNOW how to swim!" hmmm. Now I am praying for humility... in MY life! Is it a reflection, or just a natural desire to mature and feel confidence in abilities? Either way, I'm still praying for a genuine humility(for all of us in the family).

Speaking of humility, since the summer, the Lord has challenged me in many ways. Where to spend my time, energy and money. Mostly, He is teaching me to spend prime-time with Him consistantly in His Word, memorizing, and praying. I've been feeling our Christian heritage is under attack in today's ever increasing, hostility and anti-Christ culture. He is gently speaking me about making myself available and ready to pass on the basics of the Christian faith and encourage others to do the same(discipleship). 2 Timothy 2:22 What a priviledge to do this!

So I was challenged to step out in faith and NOT participate in MOPS at my church this year, which is a big thing for me. I knew the Lord had said a clear "no," and the only reason I got was that there were other things He wanted me to do. I knew it was spending time with college students, but I wasnt sure if there were other things. Mentoring and discipling female students is where I get excited and extreemly ignited for Christ. Praying together, seeing individuals grow in closer relationship with Jesus... there is nothing more rewarding.

When the Lord told me not to do MOPS this year, I assumed it meant I was to do College ministry. Now the doors are opening to do some ministry with another group of women I have had a burden for: single young mothers.

In our area there is a support group much like a MOPS but specifically for single moms. I got conntected to this group and met the coordinator and found out how much they needed consistant volunteers and leaders. So, I prayed briefly about it and felt very certain and at peace to jump in and serve. My 3 sons can come with me to the meetings, we eat together and we pretty much serve together. I love that my boys can participate, pray and be involved in this with me. But I am most excited about the relationships beginning to form with the single moms and what God might do with that. New pages and adventures are yet to be written...

My prayer:
Lord, each day is a gift from you. May I not waste it. Each relationship and friendship is from you. May I not waste it. Each opportunity to share Your love, forgiveness and grace is available each day. May I take it. Each day is a miracle. Please help my unbelief. You do miracles each day, and I want to be part of them, no matter how big or small. May you recieve all the glory for anything good in my life... You are the life in me.

Dear sons, thank you for being you. Each day brings joys and challenges and I am so happy to walk through them with you and Jesus. I just want to point you to Him. He is the only One who satisfies. He is the One who teaches you what love is. I'm your mommy, although weak and imperfect, He gave you to me as a gift. It is through you that I learn God's love for me... I couldn't think of loving anyone more, but that is who God is. He loves you more. Press on in the faith, be overcomers, humble and yet confident and strong in the Lord. He is your strength. Run hard after Him. He is the Ultimate gift. The Ultimate prize. He is worth everything and more.

Thanking God for you today,