Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mid-Summer 2011 Update

So much has happened...

*Mother's Day I realized I was pregnant with #4 baby! Surprise!
*My 92 year old Grandpa Weber just accepted Christ as Savior! Words cannot express emotions!
*Put our house on the market.
*We moved into our "rental" just 1 mile from our "old" house. Its bigger. Lots of good work to be had tho!
*Two blessed & refreshing vacations: Santa Barbara(work/Math conference for Rob) & Branson, Mo. with kids.
*A precious friend passed away after a double lung transplant in St.Louis. Her love for her Lord Jesus impacted my life. We miss you, Shirley Maloney!
*One Girlfriend miscarried(close to my own due date), one is grieving because she cannot have anymore children, and another just had her 4th baby. Wanting to love on these women so much, my heart aches & rejoices all at once.
*My oldest went to summer camp by himself, second year & LOVED it! Found out he needs braces soon.
*My "middlest" child just lost his second tooth & can't wait to go to camp with older brother next year!
*My youngest talks all the time about the new baby in my tummy and is trying to grasp the meaning of it all:
"Daddy isn't Mommy, right Mom? Because HE can't have a baby!" One day he wants a brother and the next he wants a sister, and if he sees a baby he goes up to the mommy and asks if we could have "that one!"(no joke!)

So, while I am praying for a house to sell, a baby and 92yr old grandpa to grow safe, and comfort for precious lost ones or hurting ones, I press onward toward Christ, feeling so weak, so frail, yet so utterly blessed and thankful.

Lastly, I had my 3rd Ultrasound yesterday. 12.5 weeks! Baby was beautiful and even saluted me on the screen! Every time I see (her) I cry, for it was 2 weeks ago I thought for certain I was miscarrying. Rob rushed me to the ER late at night, a dear friend who watch the Tony Awards with me(my first time!) was able to stay with our kiddos. We prepared ourselves for the worst as much as we could, but to our surprise, a little heartbeat was steady and strong, showing herself on the screen that night. How the tears came! The ER ultrasound tech seemed to understand and felt compassion for us. She was VERY busy that night, but promised that if we waited, she would make a copy of the U/S dvd and give us pics. We waited for 40min for them, but it was worth it. We were sent away thinking a miscarriage was quite possible, and that it was a hemorrhage. But the good news was the baby was still alive. What a hope!

I was completely off my feet the next week and thankful my mother & brothers came to help out. I had another U/S a week later, and the baby was still there, growing beautifully. The Dr. said he saw traces of a hemorrhage, but that it cleared up and didn't expect it to return or for there to be more bleeding. Praise the Lord!

I still needed a formal U/S so I was able to have it yesterday. Again, thankful tears, when I saw the kicking, perfectly formed profile and form of our baby! How blessed I feel to have U/S and doctors and nurses to take care of me & my little ones! This time, though, with a more thorough investigation of the baby and the uterus, it was quite evident that I had placenta previa again, for the second time. It nearly completely covers the cervix, which poses a definite concern later in pregnancy as the baby gets bigger. Elliot was a whole month early because of Previa, but he was of course, as all my babies seem to be, big enough to come out at a decent size. This pregnancy is different in that the placenta is more so over the cervix, so lots of restrictions come with it... lets just say getting things done around the new house poses a challenge with physical restrictions.

I explain all this as sort of therapy for myself, but also to remind myself of God's goodness in all things. With His Grace, my husband's amazing willingness to take on hard things like this, and the support from family and friends in my church, I have no doubt God can and will receive glory for this pregnancy. I thank Him for this challenge, this Giant.

I will need to figure out what can be done with my limitations, and make sure I am getting the rest I need. I still need to balance raising my boys, cooking, cleaning and doing school or ministry work somehow...

It forces me to make quiet times real. To make the most of my "alone time" when on the chair or in my bed. Even though I am not on complete bedrest, I am one who could end up there quite easily. I want to delay that as much as possible...

Already, my boys have stepped up to the plate and are helping with basic chores and projects around the new house, and they feel like "little men" as they are becoming so. Lord, help me to build them up, encourage & pilot or delegate projects fitting for each of my "little men." Help me, give me the fortitude and character to keep myself from laziness and idleness as I rest around the house... I want to remain active for Your Kingdom purposes. May my children catch a glimpse of Your faithfuless in daily life as I try to live for you.

To my boys,
Darlings, you are incredible. Your precious, concerned hugs, kisses and cuddles are worth so much to me. I cherish your prayers, your growing hearts for Jesus, learning to trust Him more with each day. May our move into this new home give you a sense of ownership and build godly character as you work and play hard together. May you see work as a gift, hospitality as a gift, this new baby as a gift. You are all so excited to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl... only two months away! I am ever so thankful for my "little men."